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DayStar Construction – Your local residential and commercial asphalt repair specialist. We provide driveway repair, patching, and crack filling.  At DayStar Construction we use the most proven and cost efficient methods to repair your asphalt. No more having to worry about incorrectly installed asphalt patches. 

We DO NOT install asphalt overlays when we repair asphalt because of the following:

  • The sub-grade is already failing, so it doesn’t fix the real problem. It’s a temporary fix.
  • The asphalt doesn’t get tacked well enough, and therefore is a temporary fix.
  • In the fall and winter months, water can get in between the old asphalt and the new asphalt, and cause bonds to break. 

Asphalt Patching/Repair Process

  1. Chalk around the damaged asphalt  area
  2. Cut asphalt area
  3. Remove asphalt
  4. Prep area for 2 ½ to 4 inches of new asphalt
    1. Dig sub grade to required depth
    2. Clean Surface
  5. Tack edges w/ asphalt glue
  6. Pave new asphalt area
  7. Apply crack seal around all seams 

DayStar Construction is the solution you need!

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DayStar is locally owned and operated by Levi Ostlund and Josh Neal. They have been serving Clark County area for over 20 years. When you call DayStar Construction you will always speak to a owner. There is no speaking to high pressure sales representatives. Our goal is simple: for every customer to have the best experience every time. We serve all our customers with integrity, commitment, and top level workmanship.

What makes DayStar Construction Asphalt  Repair Different?

  • Our People
  • Our Process
  • Our Products

We have an experienced team of asphalt repair men that have been highly trained.  To abide by our high level of customer services and installation practices. We haul away all unneeded materials, and make sure that when we are finished we leave your property in better condition than when we arrived. Contact us today to get your FREE Estimate(360) 949-5254